Somerset Apple Juice from our home grown Apples £3.00 per bottle

Varieties available are

A blend of Somerset Apples Sharp/Medium/Sweet


Ashmead Kernel



Rosemary Russet

Pimaston Pineapple

King of the Pippins


Lord Lambourne

Ashmead kernel


Sheeps Nose

Cornish Gillyflower

Bramley Apple Juice and Ginger

Apple & Pear

Vintage Somerset Cider

Sparkling , partially fermented in the bottle to give a natural Sparkle.

This Cider will have sediment in the bottom and should be drunk chilled.

Dry Somerset Cider

£ 6.00 per 750ml Bottle

Somerset Cider which is made from Somerset Cider Apples ,Fermented then bottled and pasteurised , therefore it contains no Sulphites. Available in  Medium or Dry                          £ 3.00 per 750ml Bottle

Honey Pot Farm Cider Vinegar is made from our own Somerset Cider which is matured for a year before we sell it, so it is usally clear, but is still contains the Mother ( The Acetic acid forming bacteria which converts the Alcohol into acid and forms a jelly on the surface of the vinegar known as the Mother)

We do not add sulphites or pasteurise the vinegar so it is a completely natural product.

The Cider Vinegar is sold in 750ml bottles at £2.80 or 250ml bottle at £1.30.

We also make a number of Herb Vinegars at £2.50 for a  250ml bottle

We produce a number of Sauces at £3.00 per bottle . They contain our cider vinegar and whenever possible fruit and vegetables from our farm.

Fruity Apple Chutney made from Apples & Squash £3.00

All our  Chutney contains our sulphite free Cider vinegar and fruit and vegetables from our farm when available .

Beetroot Chutney £2.00

Bengal Chutney        ( Hot )     £2.00



Honey Pot Farm, Fosse Way, Yeabridge, South Petherton, Somerset , TA13 5DJ

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