About Us


Selection of our produce and animals.


One of our colourful stalls being displayed at a market.

At present we attend two Markets one at Frome 'Cheese and Grain' and the other a new market at Odcombe Village Hall called 'The Pop-Up Eco Supermarket'


Some of our chickens enjoying the grass. We keep Loaming Browns, Bluebelles and a couple of other breeds including Light Sussex and Rhode Island Rock.


One of our Suntan apple trees (a cross between Cox and Court Pendu Plat). We have over twenty varieties of Dessert apples.

Dancing behind them are some cheerful sunflowers!

A small variety of cider apples and one of our Michelin cider apple trees. One among more than 10 varieties.

These are the Sheep that we Kept .At the moment we are having a break and hope to keep a new Flock in the Future.

A simple map of our farm